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Thoughts on Posting Pictures

People like to post pictures of partners, children and animals (on Facebook, i.e.).

 Posting partners means: I love him/her so much! (in the best case…)

Posting children means: Isn‘t he/she sooooo  cute! (and 20 years later – the photo is still in the net somewhere – someone says: O my God!)

Posting animals is like posting children.

Except when I post pictures of Aladin and Adonis.

Why is this so?

Look, usually partners and children are looking at you, when you take the photo. Hence they look at thousands of people once the picture has been posted.  And these people look at them. Posted pictures are a perpetuum mobile of exchanging looks. Looks like it, doesn‘t it! That‘s by the way why Facebook is so restless and makes so restless.

Now look at my picture of Aladin and Adonis. They are not looking at you. They even don‘t look at each other. They rest in peace. And this is the opposite of the restless rambling on Facebook. 

Aladin and Adonis are very special… 

What do we learn from this or from them?

If you feel the Facebook-snap  —-

take a nap!

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